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Embedded System Solution

Nexxe's focus is on VoIP client product for mobile devices. The complete VoIP UA includes the GUI and it is optimized as a small memory footprint VoIP product.

Also included in our VoIP solution suite are complete SIP Servers and IP Phone PBX open source implementations. The target is for system device testing.

Included in nexxe's Embedded product development solution are also development toolkit ported for the target MX21 mobile processors

  • Enabling Complete VoIP solution
    • SIP Servers
    • IP Phone PBX
    • VoIP Gateway
    • SIP User Agent
    • Full VoIP infrastructure setup for device testing
  • VoIP phone on Linux Platform - [nxPhone]
  • i.MX21 Nano-X port enhanced with keypad support - [nexxe-21NX]
  • i.MX21 FLNX (Nano-X windows toolkit) over Nano-X - [nexxe-21TK]
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