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Embedded FPGA Solution

Advances in FPGA products has enabled practical systems application to be fully implemented within a single FPGA silicon. Modules within a high end FPGA embedded systems includes Embedded processors and Embedded systems busses (AMBA, Core connect, Wishbone etc.) . It may have more than 10 separate modules in the system. These modules may include memory controllers, high speed serial interface, data filtering, Image and Signal processing module all contenting for the internal and external system resources.

Thus, the complexity within an FPGA has thus grown tremendously. Embedded systems reliability and traceability of the system activity and performance becomes critical features. This requires good systems Architect and defintion of the design.

An advantage of the Field reconfiguration capability of and FPGA, compared to an ASIC, is to enable rapid system definition and system hook-up. This is an aspect of the FPGA that we at Nexxe Systems is very focussed on and is able to take advantage use of to provide rapid pakaged systems design delivery.

At Nexxe Systems we have the expertice for rapidly engineering of a complete FPGA system. We provide complete System-on-an-FPGA solutions including development of specific modules.

  • Embedded product development consulting from short term to full project support services
  • FPGA implementation flow, debugging to achieving timing closure
  • Module development (HDL)
    • Signal Processing Modules
    • Communication Cores
  • Embedded Processor FPGA systems
    • Integrated with Xilinx EDK
    • Support for integration of various embedded busses
    • Integration of Open Source Softcore
  • FPGA Coprocessing Solution
    • Realizing significant improvements
    • Implementing DSP modules in FPGA
    • Efficient Systems H/W architecture
  • FPGA for ASIC prototyping
    • Defining the system hardware that emulates the ASIC
    • Porting and recommedations on differences between ASIC and FPGA
    • Full pre-silicon verification on FPGA fabric

Working Together

Working together is a straight forward matter. Let's not waste time and effort in negotiating on the detail requirements. In today's dynamic business evironment we understand that technicial requirements changes rapids. Applications demand a dynamic systems. Thus the people have to be dynamic, working on a flexible process.

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